Official Gallery Ratings


OFFICIAL GALLERY RATING. NEW PRODUCT. Get an American Art Awards gallery to place a VALUE / GALLERY PRICE on your artwork and rate it in five areas. “This is not only valuable insight, it can be a fantastic tool to assist artists in selling their own work, ” says president of American Art Awards, Thom Bierdz, “They could say to a collector, look, if this were hanging at such and such gallery, they’d be asking this much…”


You will be emailed a DIGITAL certificate like the above. AFTER you get that, if you want, you CAN order a PRINTED CERTIFICATE shipped to you for an additional price of $14.95 PLUS $9.00 SHIPPING…but you don’t really need a printed version because American Art Awards will LIST ALL GALLERY RATINGS on a special page aimed at collectors. (Of course if you do not like your Official Gallery Rating, we’ll delete any record of it.)

  • An AMERICAN ART AWARDS Best Gallery in Arizona, Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, and Best in South Carolina, Mary Martin Galleries Of Fine Art, and Best in Colorado, Mirada Fine Art, will be in charge of Gallery Ratings during this product launch. 







* AFTER YOU PAY, we’ll email you to ask you to send us your name, country, artwork title, year, size, mediums used and up to 2 photos of your artwork, then we’ll send that to the gallery along with THREE SENTENCES of yours, promoting your piece.