“Oh My God!  I’m sooooo happy! It is most important Award EVER. Thank you so much for this great news!!!!… Today is the best day in my life!!! I have tears in my eyes… the contest absolutely changed my life…. Now I’m known artist in my country thanks to You…”  Danguole Serstinskaja,  NETHERLANDS

Thank you a million times for your attention and promotion of Russian artists! I am so grateful !!!!…”   N. Prima, RUSSIA

“Winning in last year’s awards has made me a very visible artist in my country…”  Kigemuzi Mervyn Balikuddembe, UGANDA

“My European galleries are always impressed by my American Art Award wins.  It helps a lot with sales. I’ll be anxious to hear the results this year…”  Dan Pyle, USA

“I have entered the American Art Awards for the last four years winning and placing in many categories. I have seen a rise in my exposure and my paintings have increased in value by four times. I am regularly contacted by galleries from across the U.S. and beyond with the desire to represent my work. I have entered other contests yet what makes me most proud of my American Art Award honors is that I have been judged by a large diverse panel of experts, not only in art, but in the marketing of art. Because of this unique wide range of judges from 25 galleries across the United States there is very little room for bias or favoritism. I wholeheartedly recommend to all artists they enter every year, as it will help build your career, as it has mine.” Bruce K. Lawes, CANADA

“Thom, You and the 25 Galleries across America have made me the proudest Australian artist on the planet… The response here in Australia has been brilliant and I will keep you informed. I must thank you again for all your support and generosity; you are truly a great asset to the art world.John Brigden, AUSTRALIA

I don’t have words to explain my happiness! Thank you so much Thom Bierdz for recognizing my work on such international platform and giving me the prestigious honour !!!”  Anuradha Taku, INDIA

“…you made my day, week, and this entire year!… I really appreciate what you do as a President of AAA on behalf of all other artists… your enormous personal efforts to promote Art and artists… BIG THANK YOU!”  Tanya Filichkin, USA

“Thank you very much for all your support, assistance and hard work! I enjoy very much every year the American Art Awards!!!”  William Francis Brennan, GERMANY

“The awards from last year were very helpful to be considered in other venues… The AAA is a great service for Artist exposure.  I sold last year’s winner, “Purple Rain” last month!!! Thanks again…”  Doreen Wulbrecht, USA

“Thank-you so much Thom, what a wonderful surprise to see this morning in my email, thank-you for all you do for us artists it is noticed and appreciated!”  Linda Hughes, USA

“Thank you for your time and efforts exhibiting my Artwork on your website. I was recently contacted by a Art gallery from Paris France wanting to showcase my Artwork. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to show the world my unique brand of Art. I am so nervous and excited at the same time. I can’t believe this is happening. I am not sure whether to cry or scream.”  Winston Harrell, USA


“You not only opened  a new world to me; you also gave me the chance to enter into a contest of art with many other people and witness amazing art. I am grateful you gave me the opportunity …” Micah D. Varano, USA


“I like the American Art Awards very much, because it is the most fair competition… Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me… Sincerely bless you!…  I will take part in it every year. Thank you very much!” Zhou Hui, CHINA

“I was pleased to have my painting “The Blessing of the Animals” recognized by the judges (art galleries, etc.) of the American Art Awards… Thank you for your vision, your care, and your desire to help artists and show their work to a wider audience. Warmest regards…” Ann James Massey, FRANCE

“From my little humble town here in St.George’s, Newfoundland, I thank you for the recognition…”  Brian LaSaga, CANADA

“Thank you very much Thom for all the logistical effort that implies an advertising in a market as deeply demanding and competitive as it is Hollywood, I only hope someday to repay the debt I feel for you. Greetings and a strong hug…”  Antonio Cañas, EL SALVADOR

“It has been a pleasure to be part of The American Art Awards for the past two years. And an even greater pleasure to have won both years in a row!…”  Diamante Lavendar, USA

“…and thank you for doing what you do for artists around the world…”  Carolyn Quan, USA

“…I loved to win and it did give me lots of credit over here…”  Yvonne Welman,  NETHERLANDS 

“Спасибо, ТHом!  Я очень рад, что Вы умный и порядочный человек осознающий значение культуры в развитии мировой цивилизации. За что я Вам очень благодарен.
С уважением Валерий Окарский.”   Valery Okarsky, RUSSIA

“I would like to thank the organizers of the competition. This is a great opportunity for artists to make progress. The first victory in my work was in your competition, I participated in 2020. This victory had an impact on my award in 2021 – the Silver Medal for Contribution to the National Fine Arts. My sister and I were born in the family of the artist Sharipov Fatih Ismagilovich, we are both artists. I was very influenced by my sister’s work. She inspired me to take part in this competition.”   Snezhana Shadchina, RUSSIA              

“OHHHH MY GOODNESS! this is the best mail I have received. This is to change the art industry in my country. Thank you so much for this recognition.” Kigemuzi Mervyn Balikuddembe, UGANDA  

“…will surely help me in my work as an artist and help me build my artistic career.” Edward U. Coronel, PHILIPPINES

“…this is the highest reward! My family and I are very happy!” Atangulova Anastasia, RUSSIA  

“I just want to say thank you for all you have done for my art career, since I was named a winner in your American Art Awards.  So much has happened and I am selling my work again.  Thank you!”  Adele Fussi, CANADA



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