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WHAT IS THE WORLD ART AWARDS?  20 of the best galleries in the world get sent your online images to score.

WHAT CAN I WIN ?  $5,000.00 in prizes  and G-R-E-A-T press– and maybe one of the galleries will contact you (no guarantees).

CAN ANYONE ENTER ? Yes. Painters, photographers, sculptors and digital artists – from all countries – can enter.

DEADLINE ?  April 30.




  ENTER 6 FOR $99 SPECIAL (limited time)



REGULAR FEE ? $25 fee for every submission.  Select how many submissions you want to enter (no limit) then press the ADD TO CART button below, which takes you to Paypal check-out.  


PAY FOR 3, ENTER 4.   PAY FOR 6, ENTER 8.   PAY FOR 9, ENTER 12.   PAY FOR 12, ENTER 16.



CAN I ENTER IN 3 MINUTES ? Sure. Pay above (or Paypal $25 per World Art Awards submission directly to amerartawards@aol.com) then email us your image (below 1MB size), your name, country, web site (if you have one), title, size and mediums used. We’ll email you back to confirm. In September we’ll send your info and image to the 20 voting galleries & museums, then in June we’ll email you if you won 1st to 6th Place in any of the 50 categories, or won any cash prize(s).



Your fee goes to our cash prizes and administrative costs:
We will email you back with verification of your submission information.
We will send your art images and contact info to all voting galleries and museums (plus they may contact you to discuss representation [no guarantees]).
We will email the results to all 300+ winning artists and issue an international press release to 597 publications naming the 6 cash winners, and forward this to galleries and collectors.
We will create 80+ articles per contest to promote winning artists.
We will post these articles to hundreds of Facebook art groups accessible to millions of members.
We will post winning art images and artists’ contact info on our site.
We will produce a MOVIE for YouTube starring all winning art. 

CLICK to see 12 things we do for artists.



OKAY, I PAID. HOW DO I SUBMIT ? After you pay, email your art image(s) [not larger than 1MB please] to amerartawards@aol.com    In your email, type info like this:

YOUR NAME ALL CAPS    YOUR COUNTRY ALL CAPS    www.your.art.site.or.link.com    your.email@.com   “Title In Quotes, Each Word Starts With Capital Letter”   12×12” (or 12x12cm)    Acrylic on board, only first word here in caps, end with period.

EXAMPLE:  DORIS RAMIREZ   SPAIN    https://www.DorisArt.com   dorisr@gmail.com   “The River”   20x40cm   Oil on canvas.


If you do not select a category we will put them in the category where we feel they have the best chance.  CATEGORIES





WHEN DO I FIND OUT IF I WON ? The galleries and museums see and score your art in May, so by the end of June we have tabulated all scores. If you are one of 300+ winners, we will email you by June 24 to let you know. 50 categories of winners are then revealed to the media one category at a time, like this.

DO I STILL OWN MY IMAGE ? CAN ANYONE STEAL IT ? Any image you send us remains your property but for your benefit we will post it on our site and with online news as well as in a YouTube movie. We do this with low resolution images which look great online, but they do not print well, so in this way we do our best to protect you from anyone stealing your work. In other words, the images we will have will be similar to the quality you have on your own site, so we do not increase the risk of theft.

WHAT ARTWORK CAN’T I ENTER ?  You may not enter an artwork which has previously won in the same contest.
DO ALL GALLERIES AND MUSEUMS REALLY GET MY INFO AND ART ? We have told the museums and galleries that we want them to score art and will send all images and info to them and will also remind them to vote, if necessary, up to 5 times. If one or more galleries do not send in their votes by our 5th extended deadline/reminder, American Art Awards will vote for that gallery, if needed.  Here are the 2023 voting galleries/museums. 












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