Over the years, America’s Best Galleries & Museums decided these 5,000 international contemporary winning works, making this the most awarded online gallery in the world. 
Art collectors, American Art Awards does not sell or negotiate sales, so please contact the artists (or their representatives) directly. Many images will link to their email or web site. If their winning work is sold, they may be able to do you a similar piece.
How did we priceWe are well familiar how America’s Best Galleries & Museums price art (via our $29.95 GALLERY RATING option) and we also took into account size, skill, time, effort, execution, originality, marketability and mediums used. We also considered the artist’s present selling prices and then we adjusted as if the works were formally exhibited in one of America’s most prestigious galleries.  
Artists, your priced images are in this online gallery for free, but if you want them LINKED to your email or a web site, click the SUBSCRIBE button to approve the $2 monthly service fee (only one $2 monthly fee whether you have 1 or 100 winning images with a link). Cancel anytime. 

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